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A woman of color with Arthrogryposis, sitting outside in a motorized  wheelchair and smiling. She has on a blue floral blouse, black slacks and red flats.
A woman of color in a motorized wheelchair wear a black and whie blazer and green top, singing on stage with international star Idina Menzel. The two women are singing together on stage.
An AAPI woman with long black hair and red lipstick laughing so hard that her eyes are closed.

PHOTO DESCRIPTIONS: 1. A multi-racial woman of color with Arthrogryposis, sitting outdoors in a motorized wheelchair wearing a blue floral to, black slacks and red flats. 2. A multi-racial woman of color with Arthrogryposis, sitting on a stage in a motorized wheelchair singing a song with international superstar Idina Menzel. 3. A multi-racial woman of color with Arthrogryposi, with long dark brown hair wearing red lipstick, and laughing so hard that her eyes are closed. 

Jennifer Kumiyama was born with Arthrogryposis and uses a wheelchair daily.  Kumiyama earned a spot on Warner Bros. reality TV show “Popstars 2” and earned national accolades from many publications including Variety Magazine and TV Guide – referring to her as “the girl in the wheelchair, who’s voice blew everyone out of the water”.  Shortly after that in 2002 – Jennifer was cast in Disney’s “Aladdin; a Musical Spectacular” at Disney California Adventure Theme Park, where she is the first performer in a wheelchair to ever be on any Disney stage in the world. She performed 4 times a day for 8,000 guests a day, who visit from every corner of the world. It was at Disney that Jennifer took on her real role as an advocate for people living with disabilities – showing the entire world that talent sees no boundaries. This motivated her to become a speaker – sharing her story with schools, social groups, and major businesses. Her new passion, in addition to singing – is being a voice for people living with disabilities by breaking attitudinal and architectural barriers. "Aladdin; a Musical Spectacular" closed on January 10, 2016. 

In 2010, Jennifer was crowned Ms. Wheelchair California and Ms. Wheelchair America 2011, 1st Runner Up. During her reign she spread the message of hope through her platform “Empowering Children with Disabilities to Make Their Own Dreams Come True”.

Jennifer was cast in a major role as ‘Carmen’ in Sundance Film Festival hit and Academy Award Nominated film “The Sessions”, MTV’s teen sensation “Awkward” and "Celebrity Undercover Boss".

Since the closing of 'Aladdin' Jennifer worked for former Long Beach Councilwoman, Senator Lena Gonzalez, former Long Beach Mayor Dr. Robert Garcia and is also an elected AD 70 Delegate in the California Democratic Party. 

Jennifer can be heard as the voice of Dahlia in Disney's new hit animated feature WISH, released in theaters everywhere November 22nd, 2023. 

Jennifer is currently the City of Long Beach Citywide Accessibility Coordinator.

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